Silk Scarves

My process in silks:

Your special hand painted silk scarf is initialed by the artist. Each piece is unique. The top quality silk is grown and woven in China. Scarf edges are hand-rolled and hand sewn.

I employ the French Serti method most often. First the silk scarf is mounted on a stretcher to pull it tight like the surface of a drum, so it will hold the paints without pooling. Designs are then outlined in various metallic resist colors and textile paints and/or dyes are added to create a stained glass-like effect. I also create dappled background effects by using different sized sea salt grains on the wet surface. I invented a new method of impression dying using actual Nantucket scallop shells, sea stars and beach stones which are dyed right on to the silk. Scallop shells are the most effective due to the pronounced ridges of the shell. I often add metallic highlights to these shapes after the dying process.

Easy care instructions for your Hand Painted Silk Scarf: Hand wash in tepid water with gentle detergent for delicates. Do NOT wring out. Air dry flat, then press with iron on the silk setting.